Saturday, April 5, 2008

The beautiful eggs I got at the farmer's market

And the lunch I made with one of them:

Wow. Just, wow. I wasn't sure I would post about this meal--anyone can fry an egg, after all--but Jesus Christ did this taste good. It's dark German bread, toasted, with a slice of locally-produced cheese from Cato Corner Farm in Colchester, Connecticut. And the egg, of course.

I've had the excellent cheese from Cato Corner many times. They sell their products at the farmer's market that Wesleyan hosts once a semester, and my friend Zander works there. The cheese I used on my sandwich is called Bridgid's Abbey. Here's the blurb about it from the farm's website:

"Our popular Trappist-style monastery cheese with a smooth, creamy consistency. Bridgid's Abbey has been our best seller for years--its irresistible rich, mild taste is ideal for all-day eating for breakfast, sandwiches, or snacking. It melts well, performing excellently in quiche, toasted cheese, or over vegetables. Bridgid's Abbey varies in consistency somewhat from summer to winter--the winter batches are very creamy, while the summer milk yields a slightly firmer and chewier texture. Aged 2 - 4 months."

Under the warm fried egg on my sandwich, the cheese got yieldingly soft, and its salty bite perfectly complemented the runny unctuousness of the egg yolk. I was eating with my housemates, and after every bite I just kept exclaiming how good it was. I think I made them a little jealous.

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